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I've downloaded and playing Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn

My opinion of the game is this:

Someone at Koei must have some kick ass over DW: Gundam 3, because I felt the third game was a bit of let down in quality.

One of layout of maps where it felt rather uninspired as opposed to the second where in 2 you can fields in narrow spaces where you can really rack up the kills especially if you have a requirement where you need have over a 1000 kills. 3, the fields were in wide open spaces and also the variety was reduced to land area. In Reborn they changed that where there is a wider variety in maps, they brought the fields being in narrow spaces and now you have battles over the ocean or in mid air along with returning back to space missions.

 The one thing I've pleased is that they've done away with completely is the friendship system which is I felt was a complete waste. The unlocking of characters and Mobile Suits are done on an achievement basis.

The characters roster has been expanded to include Mobile Suit Gundam, 0083, Zeta, Double Zeta, Char's Counter Attack, F91, UC, Victory, G, Wing, X, Turn A, Seed, Seed Destiny, 00 and even Gundam Crossbone which was a manga.

Seed and seed Destiny saw the greatest expansion since the official story mode follows story lines of Gundam, Zeta, Char's Counter Attack, UC, Seed and Seed Destiny.

While Crossover Missions have their own individual storylines which allows for greater variety, one I found interesting is called Dianna's quiz (character from Turn A) Where it is a quiz based mission for example there is a series of missions dedicated to the Universal Century Timeline and it test you knowledge of Gundam, in a series of 3 questions, such as an objective would be "Who did Roux kill in the Double Zeta" you field choices would have Amuro in a field, Glemy Toto in another and Domon in the 3rd. And its not difficult to figure out using process of elimination if you have a fairly working knowledge of Gundam I missed one each when came to Seed and 00. 

In this one it all the original voice actors from their respective series except for Bright and Dozle (whose VA have passed away) and no English dub cast since this was only released in Japan and here in North America through the Playstation Network.

Would I recommend this game, yes and no.

Yes, since it a much more polished game that 3 and it is much more enjoyable and I would recommend this to any fan of Gundam or general anime; unless they're into that Naruto or Bleach nonsense.

No, since most gamers are not anime fans in general and probably need a general crash course in Gundam. This was the main reason why reviewers like IGN would pan the game since they felt it would make the inaccessible to mainstream gamers.

Overall I think the developers took what worked from DW: Gundam 1-3 and threw out the garbage to make a quality game, in my opinion since most Gundam games can be hit or miss.
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