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I've been poking around Youtube for sometime and watching videos about Konami most of them have greater insight to the situation.

1. Letting Kojima go. Under the subtext of creative differences, Hideo Kojima one of the driving forces behind Konami's success from the late 80s to the present will be leaving Konami at the end of December but kept on as a "contractor," usually when one become a contractor employee it is much more lucrative since you're more sought after because of your skill sets; but in this case it more to keep Kojima from going either indie or to another company. From what I've been hearing there has been bad blood between him and the new CEO, who has been on record that he doesn't know anything about video games and given the some of the recent actions on the new Silent Hill game demo and the repercussions of removing said demo from the PSN thereby putting digital lockouts on all Konami games downloaded from the network. If Kojima was smart it would be in his best interest to go one or two routes: Go indie or go to From Software. Either move would be smart because of the advent of Kickstarter and GoFundMe but From Software has a vested interest to doing quality games considering the success with Armored Core, Demon/Dark Souls and  Bloodborne as well the respect the gaming community enough to have them apart of their testing of the games.

2. The company culture which seems to heading the way of North Korea where they're monitoring company e-mails for any sign of dissent and developers who develop games that fail reminds me of the old joke where the studio head who makes that one bad decision is busted down to security guard. At Konami there has been recorded that some developers have been busted down to janitors for failures.

3. The CEO. As stated before he has no clue about video games. Plus no interest in console games because he wants to move into mobile games and slot machines. Strange that Konami would be a such late comer to making pachinko machines considering that they've been at for only 9 years and they've been in video games for 42 years. The mobile games while part of me knows that with advent of the iPod, iPhone, Android, etc there was going to be a market for the extremely casual gamer. I'm talking about someone who not really gamer rather than play Super Mario Bros, they'll play Candy Crush just something that'll pass the time and not really that complicated.  Where I don't like mobile games is the free-to-play but the catch is the micro transactions where its almost a bribe yourself to victory sort of thing where to the player it becomes almost like a money pit. Similar example would be World of Warcraft where you can spend an obscene amount of real money for a rare digital weapon or equipment; it's the same thing in Candy Crush where you can spend up to $39.99 for 510 gold bars since the gold bars are used to give you an extra moves in a level.

I'm going to go off topic and explain my feelings about DLC. I tend run hot and cold about DLCs. Here's why, you buy an expansion pack for Dark Souls for $14.99 which you get new content such as new areas, enemies, boss, equipment as well as expand on the story and lore. Which I find worth the price because you're getting value added to the game; while the price is reasonable to offset development costs in making that DLC. Now here's where I get annoyed is you pay $4.99 for a costume pack for a small number of characters in a fighting game, because that should be either free or unlockable in the game because the development costs are close to nothing. Usually when I buy DLC I tend buy what gives me value added to the game.

Now back to Konami, it has become apparent that Konami has become very disinterested to one of it core audience console gamers and see money in mobile games and Pachinko and Slot machines. Of course in Japanese culture Pachinko is extremely popular you'll people glued for hours in front of one; it's a very similar phenomenon where you see the little old ladies glued to the slots in Vegas waiting for that big payoff. Which is a shame because what put Konami on the map since 1973 has been video games which their first success was Frogger in 1981. If it weren't arcade and console games Konami would still be that rinky-dink jukebox rental/repair outfit instead being a gold standard with the following:
Metal Gear
Silent Hill
Zone of the Enders
Rush 'N' Attack

But it would seem Konami seems content in screwing the pooch as it heads towards oblivion unless there is a coup with its senior management.
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Princess Toadstool Eats Mushroom
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Source Super Mario Bros.

Okay since :iconrssam000: did the modern version of Peach, Toadstool if you prefer, I decided to do the classic interpretation as she was in Super Mario Bros 1-3 and by extension The Super Show, the Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World (animated).…


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